It’s O Dark Thirty Wednesday

And I forgot to make a pitcher of cold brew yesterday in preparation, but my brother went and got coffee!!!!!

Lily and I are both very distressed at the lack of daylight at 6AM. Back in my commuting days, I routinely went to work in the dark and came home in the dark. Remote work is so much better in that aspect.

Speaking of the LilyMonster, big props to Chewy – when I told them I had to trash 1/3 of her case of food, they refunded the entire purchase price within an hour. I would have happily taken a prorated refund, and more than anything, just wanted them to know that Royal Canin is sending out crap. (Well, when they’re sending anything out.)

Haven’t heard back from Royal Canin, but they definitely have some kind of production problem on their hands – my brother’s guess is subpar cans vs. dodgy ingredients, which would make sense if cans are the hangup in the supply chain. Ingredient or cooking problems would fuck up the whole batch vs. just part of it.

Gonna talk to the vet to see if we can switch her to Science Diet – I don’t want to have to wonder with every shipment if half of it is going to be unusable, when I can actually get hold of it.

Well, time to go slog through a couple meetings – you have a great day!

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