I was already tired, but the universe has decided to test me with a minor household mess.

You see, when you live at the bottom of three hills, there is a suspected underground spring in the backyard, and your area gets 3″ of rain in an hour, there is a non-zero chance you may end up with the basement becoming slightly…damp.

But, things are under control. We dealt with the immediate issue last night, things were already drying out by the time we went to bed and we know what the next steps are. I just didn’t need that. (Not that anyone needs that.)

When I said I needed to probably throw myself into something to keep my mind off everything else – this was not exactly what I had in mind.

But, as I said, things are under control, and that’s something.

I also remembered to order a replacement title for the old Jeep so I can donate it. (The title is here *somewhere* but not where I thought it would be and I just don’t have the wherewithal to try and hunt it down when the DMV will send a replacement just for the asking and a mere $15.)

Well, since the universe has said, “you want something to focus on, I’m giving you housework” – guess I’ll set the timer and plow through the Tody list. Whee!

You enjoy the rest of the weekend and may it not get all damp.

ETA: Did a couple things around the house, ran an errand and then napped for 2 hours because I cannot remember the last time I was this bone tired. It is astounding how just an hour or two of adrenaline fueled “awwww, shit” handling of a minor crisis can just knock it all out of you. And we’re under another flash flood watch for tomorrow. Fuck.

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