I. Am. Old.

I have decided to buy a new vacuum cleaner, and I am far too excited about it. I have a 16 year old Dyson and while it does still work, it is nearing its end. It’s an upright and it’s been a great vacuum, but it’s heavy and kinda unwieldy, so this time around, I’m going with yet another Dyson, but this time one of the cordless stick models – they even convert to handhelds. How nifty is that?!

It will be nice to be able to use it without having to worry about being close enough to a power outlet, YAY!

The old Dyson will stay in service in one spot dealing with the litter that the LilyMonster loves to throw all over the place.

Sadly, tho, the new one is not in stock at any of the nearby Targets, so it has to be shipped, so I won’t have it until Wednesday. :(

I will also admit I am laboring under the delusion that having a new, powerful, easier to handle vacuum will inspire me to get things cleaned up around here so I can use it, LOL.

But as I said, I am far too excited about this.

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