Just to prove I’m not *all* doom & gloom

I hit up the Hallmark store yesterday for an “I love me/got my second shot” trip. OK, really just needed some notecards, but decided to treat myself a bit.

New Yankee Candle, a “pencil case” that will actually be a good makeup case just for the basic stuff, and some more fancy soaps, cause…fancy soap habit.

The notecards – I just needed some blank-on-the-inside ones (and I am sure I’ve got some around here, but no idea where they are) – and I found these – AREN’T THEY FABULOUS?!

Notecard with an iridescent background and a pink flamingo in the corner
Pink AND Shiny!!

And file under, “things I wish I’d known a year ago” – Vaseline still makes it’s Hand & Nail Cream! I *loved* this stuff back in the day and when I realized hand cream would be A Thing I Really Needed, I looked for it and couldn’t find it in any shops and just figured it must have been discontinued. I don’t know what made me decide to look at Vaseline’s website earlier this week, but I did, and there it was – found some on Amazon and it arrived and it’s slightly different, but on the whole, just as good as I remember!

Two weeks to stronger nails! Just in time to continue to stay home because they’re dropping all capacity limits in the state, and I am realizing I cannot deal with crowded spaces anymore! *LOL*sob*LOL*

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