Well, Virginia has given up

36% of the state’s population is fully vaccinated. 55% haven’t gotten a single shot yet. (My county is doing a little better – but still 47% with no first shot.)

So of course, the Governor is dropping mask mandates, effective at midnight tonight and all capacity restrictions are removed starting Memorial Day weekend.

His message was “get a shot or wear a mask” – yeahhhhhh, that will do it. So, now it’s back on businesses to decide if they either keep masks mandatory or try and figure out who is and isn’t vaccinated.

Businesses who already feel like mandatory masks are hurting their business sure as shit aren’t going to start asking to see shot cards. (I find the panic over vaccination passports so overblown – if anyone is actually going to be doing it, it’s going to be highly specific and short lived.)

Nothing wrong with the CDC saying “vaccinated folks can do X” – but we don’t have enough vaccinated people yet to just ditch all the public-wide safety protocols when NO ONE IS ACTUALLY GOING TO CHECK WHO IS VACCINATED.

The smarter option would have been to set a vaccination goal, and tell everyone, “when we get there, mask mandates will be dropped” – THAT could have spurred some more vaccinations – we’d all have something to really work towards.

Now, you *will* see people make the decision to not get vaccinated because the inconvenience of a mask is gone and no one is going to ask them about being vaccinated – so why bother?

I want nothing more than to be utterly wrong, but I hope we’re ready for the June spike, cause it’s coming.

I’m really disappointed in the decision.

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