Let’s eat!

I’ve been eating better since my brother has been temporarily out of the house than I have in a while, LOL. It’s not all him being gone, but about 50/50.

First – I have had SALADS for lunch TWO DAYS IN A ROW! (That hopefully would have happened regardless of the whereabouts of my brother.)

I decided to try the single serve salad kits that my market has – I felt like I was caving to lazy, but honestly, I used to use the salad bar A LOT and got the right sized salads, and when I buy the ingredients, I don’t finish them before they go bad. So, I’m basically just making up for the salad bar not being closed. (And if anyone else bought them, I wouldn’t think they were lazy – don’t know why I think that of myself.)

One was a “Southwestern” style, with lettuce, roasted corn, chicken, monterey jack chese, tiny tortilla chips, and this great sweet-hot dressing, sort of a honey-chili. It was FANTASTIC. I’ve already picked up another one for the weekend.

Also grabbed a Chicken Caesar, and it was good – hard to screw that one up – I actually bought it as a backup for the Southwestern in case it was terrible.

I also have an “Asian bowl” one for the weekend – lettuce, almonds, chicken, edamame and dressing. Looking forward to trying that.

But dinner – that is where it shows that my brother is not around, cause I tend to make things that he isn’t a fan of. Sure, he wouldn’t care and could make whatever he wanted, but it feels like a dick move to cook something and not make it for both of us.

Salmon two nights running – just pan fried in butter/white wine/Worcestershire sauce with some Montreal Chicken seasoning (that stuff is great on everything).

Tonight, lemon-pepper scallops, from Sea Cuisine. I’d never had any of their seafood before, and what’s great about them is they go from freezer to oven to plate. You don’t even have to defrost them. Gotta say, they were pretty darn good – sure, not as good as fresh in a restaurant at the beach, but tasty, and even more so considering the level of effort required to cook them.

Grabbed some crabcakes for tomorrow night, but little bro does like those, so I think those will be held until Sunday – so I just have to figure out one more meal that I like that he doesn’t, LOL.

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