You made it to another Friday

Well done, you!!

I’ve gotten the little Christmas tree up (easy when you just chuck a garbage bag over the whole thing to move to the basement, LOL) and my brother has gotten the outside lights up. He says they’re not great, but I think they look fine – but I’m now on the lookout for more strings of twinkle lights, LOL. (Not easy this time of year, especially this year.)

We do have one extra string in the house that he didn’t know about, so that will help. I’ve also put a first of the month repeating reminder to look for them starting in March so we’re not in this spot last year. Look at me planning ahead!!!

In “trying to do good things for my brain” activities – well, that’s been hard, since I find trying to concentrate on reading or sewing is not really happening. So, I’ve taken up the daily NY Times crossword. It’s good because you’re bouncing from clue to clue, and takes your mind of the rest of everything. However, being the NY Times crossword, I find myself going, “THIS IS NOT A PROPER CROSSWORD!” a lot. YESTERDAY HAD NUMBERS IN IT THAT ONLY WORKED ACROSS BUT NOT DOWN.

But even with that nonsense, it’s a fun escape – and I now know that there are 17 Avenues in the Monopoly game.

We have one of our half days today, and my big afternoon plans are to go “downtown” to Total Wine and restock the beer (yay for Virginia beer being at the front of the shop), dash into the Aldi and see if they have twinkle lights in their seasonal aisle, do Lily’s Christmas shopping at Felix & Oscar, and then spend the rest of the afternoon on the couch yelling at crossword puzzles. Oh, and probably grab lunch to go from somewhere up there that we don’t have right here.

All while not being indoors in any space for more than 10 minutes – I’ll get my cardio racing through the aisles.

Weird fucking times man, weird fucking times.

Little Christmas tree all lit up
O Christmas Tree…
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