Wasn’t quite prepared for that

So, my neighbors are black and I don’t know them terribly well, much in the same way I don’t know any of my neighbors terribly well – we just aren’t usually outside and the way the houses are laid out, you just don’t run into people during the day, and most folks get to know each other through their kids. Or we talk when we’re shoveling snow.

But, we’ve chatted more since we’re all outside more just to be the fuck out of the house, just about the mundane stuff you chat about when there is a pandemic and you can’t go anywhere. And they have kids, one of which is AJ, who is a 4 year old little dude who is the extrovert of the family.

When he is out on his teeny tiny bike, he uses our driveway to turn around and if I’m on the porch, he loves to stop and talk.

Yesterday he rolls up. “So, we talked about fire safety before.” (We did!) “Do you want to talk about police officers?”

picture (1).gif

But, hey, fuck it, let’s do this – maybe he’s got questions, or wants to get something off his little chest and maybe he can tell Mom & Dad are stressed and doesn’t want to add to it.

“If you want to talk about police officers, we can talk about it!” (Fuck, where do we start, ACAB, defund them all, or that America has been an inherently unjust place for 400 years?)

“Did you know they have different kinds of cars?”

Thank you sweet baby jesus for kids being kids who are obsessed with cars and trucks. (Not gonna lie, cop *cars* are cool, lights and sirens and all kinds of whirlygigs. Right up there with fire trucks.)

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