Well, hello 2020!

The year has started off with a blissfully unproductive day off.

Maybe next year I’ll remember the First Day Hikes thing *before* New Year’s Day so I can actually plan one and do it. (I swear, if they promoted this in December, I missed it completely.)

Don’t really do resolutions anymore, cause I suck at them, but I do have things I want to do better in 2020.

Cook more, read more, write more, move more.

Saving money is also on the list, and Lily said, “Hold my catnip” and we have a vet appointment tomorrow. Silly girl thinks she can live on cat candy, and that is just not sustainable.

Headshot of Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat.

You eat candy constantly, why can’t I?

On the “cook more” front, I’ve started the year off well with kielbasa and cheesy potatoes. It’s so ridiculously easy, but it’s delicious and counts as cooking.

A white plate with a piece of kielbasa and a side of cheesy potatoes

No really big plans for 2020. Survive the winter. Keep grinding at work. (Still really enjoying the new gig!) Beach in July. Padres coming to town in August.

Be interesting to see what the year brings.

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