Last on call weekend!

OK, last primary on call weekend where I have to work until 10 on Friday. (There’s a backup weekend in November, but I’m not counting that, cause I don’t like thinking about the fact that it will be the 8th one this year)

Just under 2 hours to go! (I am still super bitter about missing the local brewfest this weekend – which I was going to go to until I had to take this weekend because of the new job.)

23 workdays to go!

One of my coworkers is also moving over to my new department, two weeks after me. (I do wonder if management is sitting down and asking themselves, “what could we have been doing differently?”)

I’m very excited about the move. I’m ready for something different. I’m beyond ready to have way more control over my day.

Just gotta hang in for 5 more weeks.

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