Welp, it’s happening!!!

Got the official offer letter on the new gig – you can bet I hit YES at the speed of light.

Getting a nice raise, and there is room for growth to boot.

In a move like this there are always those twinges of “Did I do the right thing?” The universe has stepped up and answered, YES, YES YOU DID.

– It would take at least 3 years in my current position to get to my new salary.
– I’ve only got one more step upwards in my current department before I’d have to look at management, and for reasons I cannot fathom, promotions in my department only increase workload. One of the perks of a promotion should be that something comes off your plate as new things come on. (Upper management really needs to reevaluate this.)
– There was a team lead position open earlier this year – but more work and no raise. I passed on that. (It was presented as a stepping stone to management – the lack of any pay increase struck me a bit as “working for exposure.”)

Then last week yet another new set of procedures were rolled out that just create more work and make things harder. And case distribution continues to be utterly jacked up.

Talked to my new boss this week, asked about how PTO works… “Oh, just put it on your calendar. I mean, if you’re going to be gone for a week, let me know, but just a day off, just put it on your calendar.” The last three leave requests I’ve put in have been rejected in my current department – to the point where I would lose leave at the end of the year.

So, thank you universe for these signs. And thank you to my dear coworker who has been so amazingly supportive and excited for me. (Everyone has been awesome, she’s just been extra lovely about it all.)

I’m not leaving the job angry or bitter, but just more *gesticulating wildly* MANAGEMENT, DON’T YOU GET IT??!?

But, it’s all good. The countdown has begun. 8 weeks left. 37.5 workdays. 2 on call weekends – halfway through the first of those at least. (One backup weekend in November, but I’m not counting that one.)

I still cannot believe my boss managed to wrangle a TEN WEEK transition from when I told her about the new gig. (New boss tried to shorten it, but got nowhere.) But, I only have 28 active cases, I’m not taking on any new cases (other than helping junior analysts) – so I have a somewhat decent chance of not leaving a total disaster in my wake. Who knows, if I can clear everything out, maybe I can transition early. (Not holding my breath, but a gal can dream!)

ETA: I also topped 500 hours in uncompensated overtime in 3 years this week. It’s time.

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