The wheels of corporate do grind a bit slow…

A week and a half after starting the process of trying to find out the salary for the testing job, I am finally in possession of the pay bands and manager name. And it doesn’t pay half of what I make now.

So, now, time to get some titanium ovaries and email the manager and find out if they’ve already scoped out who they want and if the announcement is just for show or not. And pray it doesn’t get back to my bosses just yet.

No harm in asking, right?

ETA: Sent the email. I’ve either just done something very brave or very stupid.

ETA: Manager says he would be happy to discuss if I am interested – and the job focus is actually on the two sections of the software that are absolutely my wheelhouse. Today’s task will be polishing up my resume – good news is that the last update to it was only 18 months ago, so really just need to add on the duties I acquired after my promotion last fall.

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