I need to get the fuck out of this town.

So, I’m on Nextdoor, for reasons I cannot even begin to explain, but OK.

Earlier this week, a woman a few neighborhoods over posts. She’s been in the hospital for a month, and some things have had to slide – like yardwork, because of the whole IN THE HOSPITAL A MONTH bit.

Well, she’s been getting anonymous hate mail because the grass has grown.

Yes, you read that right. Anonymous hate mail over GRASS.

So, yes, I need to get out of this fucking town for a couple reasons.

Obviously, hate mail over grass. FFS, assholes, get a life beyond your goddamn lawn.

Second – no one knew she was in the hospital because NO ONE KNOWS THEIR NEIGHBORS AROUND HERE. It’s part because people are busy, part because these houses are designed in such a manner that you don’t easily run into your neighbors, and finally, there is ZERO sense of community here. I’m not exaggerating – absolutely zero.

If you don’t have kids who go to school with other neighborhood kids, there is nothing connecting you to anyone else here.

It just blows and I’m tired of it and I need to get away from it.

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, caught mid yawn in a grocery tote


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2 Responses to I need to get the fuck out of this town.

  1. Ashley says:

    I can’t do Nextdoor. It seems like no one has a good experience.

    Is your town’s Facebook group(s) any better? Mine definitely have their share of terrible people, but for the most part, group members behave themselves.

    • A Dreamer says:

      I have not actually looked at any local Facebook groups, I suspect they would make my head explode.

      Our Nextdoor is suprisingly tame on the whole – it’s almost all looking for recomendations for handymen and “hey, this cute dog showed up in my yard”.

      The responses to her post were overwhelmingly positive, with several people offering to lend a hand.

      The worst I’ve seen was someone saying a newly opened restaurant was good, with a positive conversation and then one cranky ass going, “Not everyone needs to hear about where you went for dinner.” 🤣

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