I survived the conference!

And it did not kick my ass nearly as bad as it did last year. Seriously, at the end of it last year, I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to do it again. Ever. This year, I’m tired and my feet hurt, but bring on next year.

Can’t quite figure out what was different this year, but I am putting it down to more time for myself, and I think we may have started a little later in the morning this year. And I steeled myself for the worst going in, so that probably helped.

Also, had a great time with one of my coworkers who is about as introverted as I am. Nice to hang with someone who is as awesome in person as they are online at work. (Weird aspect of working remotely.). We introverted all over the place.

And he reminded me that Habitica RPG exists. I cannot remember why I stopped using it, but I found my account, remembered my password, and I am going to be getting some shit done around here.

And major props to my brother for picking me up from the airport. I think if I’d had to walk all the way to a car to drive home, I would have probably laid down and taken a nap halfway there.

And now, I have a long weekend.

ETA: Just checked my Fitbit, and I walked 35 miles. This may be why my feet hurt a bit.

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