In happier news…

I’m binge shopping for this conference. I’m realizing the rolling suitcase I got is probably too big to comfortably fit under an airline seat, regardless of what they say in the description, so a smaller rolling tote is coming and the backpack will probably go back. (Go me for keeping the box.)

And there is a new purse on the way. (Thank you Zappos for the free overnight shipping.)

And god help me, Sunday I have to go to the outlet mall, because I am lacking in pants. The only saving grace of this is the fact that I know exactly where I need to go, and in theory should be in & out in no time.

Still waiting on the business cards to show up.

Had a meeting about it all today and the marketing folks are SO VERY EXCITED about all this, which is good, cause that is kind of their job. My excitement is somewhat tempered by the fact that I know full well how exhausting this whole thing is. (I’ve been poring over the hotel website in attempts to locate quiet places to have a glass of wine and hide.) In short, conferences like this are not ideal for introverts.

Ah well, I’ll get through it this year, just like last year. With a new purse and a spiffy rolling tote.

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