I get to go to the company conference in two weeks. Went last year, wasn’t supposed to go this year, but here we are. I’ve already enthusiastically turned down an “opportunity” to do a presentation. (I am not hurting myself by saying no to this.)

So, the past month has been trying to remember what did and didn’t work well last year and fighting with the travel website so I can actually use the airports closest to my house and the hotel. Had to point out the company would have to pay as much in Uber fares to & from the airport to the hotel for the $100 saved on airfare.

Rolling backpack is a must. I have a good regular backpack, but hauling my laptop all over creation last year got old real quick – new one is here and it has to make things a little easier, right?

Keyboard for iPad. I have a new iPad and it’s slightly smaller than my old one and I find doing any kind of typing is a wee bit awkward and the Bluetooth keyboard is awesome. Also, kind of hoping it can give off a “leave me be” vibe for times when I am not working but not able to hide in my room.

Also need to somehow get everything in my suitcase and still have room leftover, cause everything expands the moment it comes out of the bag. Repacking last year was colorful.

I’ll admit, I’m not super excited about it. The travel is a pain in the ass, the whole thing is pretty exhausting, and my voice was shot by the end of it all. Last year was not terrible, but being “on” for 4 days straight is just not really my idea of a good time. This year I really do need to figure out how to get more time away from people.

But – I should definitely be off the hook next year.

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