Hurrah for kind neighbors with snowblowers!

We only ended up getting a couple inches of snow – not too hard to shovel, but lets face it, shoveling snow absolutely sucks.  Now, I was up way too late last night, because I had to keep looking at the snow, because I am also 12.

Woke up this morning, heard people moving around outside and realized I should probably get up and go be a good neighbor and clear my walks.  Nooooooooo.  Looked outside and saw my wonderful neighbor with his snowblower clearing my walks!!!

Slept a little more and then made gingerbread for my neighbors.  Sure, I hate shoveling and I will totally let someone else do it – but they will get baked goods in return.  I’m not a 100% lazy git.

But I am so happy and lucky that I have neighbors who are the nicest people on the planet, have a snowblower – and love using it. :)

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