It’s been that kind of a day…

If I’d read my horoscope first thing this morning, I might have just gone back to bed.  The first line was: Instinctively you’re able to deal with any situation or crisis talks.  Honestly, I didn’t want to deal with any situations today…

But, there were things to be done.  Went to vet to get cat food.  Got overcharged for said cat food by accident.  Braved the market next door before a “winter weather event” for milk.  Got call from vet saying, “We overcharged you!  Are you still at the market?  Come back and we’ll fix it!”

Put groceries in car.  Discover flat tire.  Call AAA.  Get money back from vet.  Call brother to come pick up groceries.  Get tire swapped out.  (AAA was 10 minutes away.)  Give AAA guy big hug.  All while the sleet has started coming down in earnest.  Go to shop to drop off tire – discover it is flat due to bent rim, and being aluminum, the rim cannot simply be banged back into shape.  Whoever is in charge of hunting down replacement rims is not in until Monday.

But I am home, I am dry, and I have have coffee.  The interwebs show me a dizzying array of replacement rims that aren’t exorbitantly expensive, so I have faith that the shop can find one.  (Or tell me the exact specs to look for so I can find one myself.)  The cats have their food.  And I didn’t even have to put the groceries away.

But Universe – no situations tomorrow, OK?

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