Feed It All!

You know the old saying, “Feed a Fever, Starve a Cold”?  Or maybe it’s “Starve a Fever, Feed a Cold”?  I was raised on “Whatever the fuck it is, feed it and then let it sleep and then feed it more.”

My little (OK, adult, but still little to me) brother has the crud.  It’s not the flu, but worse than a cold, so I have named it The Blerghghghgh.  Basically, he feels like shit and does what our family does, which is hibernate as much as possible to make the Blerghghghgh go away.

Well, I couldn’t just do nothing, so I made soup today.  (Don’t get too excited, it was from a mix, I just added beef, and I wanted it just as much because it was 15º out – but it’s damn tasty.)  But when I went to the market to get the beef, a) I was hungry, and b) I had a sick little brother.  Wow, how that will make your 5 item grocery list expand exponentially.

“Beef for the soup” became…
— Orange Juice & white bread – at his request
— Cheese danish (It was on sale, he loves it, and what monster wouldn’t get a cheese danish for her sick little brother?!)
— Ginger Ale & Orange Soda
— Chicken Pot Pies
— Fully cooked chicken strips that can just be eaten straight out of the bag.  (OK, I might eat these if he doesn’t get to them first.)
— Various frozen microwave meals that might not be crazy healthy but taste good when you’re not feeling 100%.

Plus I made sure he knew where the Orange tea and honey* was – on the off chance he decides to make hot tea for the first time in his entire life.

This is my caretaking.  Flinging food at illness.

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