So, I seem to have developed a small comic book problem.

And I blame Noelle Stevenson and Neil Gaiman. Last summer, Amazon offered Sandman Vol 1, #1 as a free download. It’s Neil Gaiman and it was free, so why not? Very good decision. It was very entertaining and I definitely wanted to read the rest of it, even if I was 25 years behind. But classes started up again and reading for fun kind of went out the window.

Fast forward to this spring – that is where Noelle Stevenson comes in. I’d been following her on Tumblr and loved her webcomic, Nimona. (It’s winding down, so you should go read it from the beginning. Seriously.) Noelle announced that she, Grace Ellis, Brooke Allen, Maarta Laiho and Aubrey Aiese would be producing a comic with Boom! Studios – Lumberjanes. Well, sign me up – literally – I went to Laughing Ogre comics and preordered that sucker. (As did a lot of people, between preorders and purchases, it sold out and is getting a second printing.)


When I went in for the preorder, I discovered they had all the Sandman volumes! So I’ve been building up that inventory.


In my defense, 4 & 7 belong to my brother.

And by sheer dumb luck, stumbled on Sandman:Overture #1. (I am setting these aside until I am done with the rest of Sandman, as I’ve been warned that there are spoilers.)


Now, to get a pull list, you need 5 titles. I had 2. I really didn’t think I’d come up with 5 anytime soon, but I didn’t mind the idea of going to the shop as soon as the new titles came out, so not really a problem.

I started skimming every week to see when the next Sandman was coming out. And found Edge of Empire #1. Looked interesting and I didn’t have to worry about jumping in the middle of a series. So, when I went to pick up Lumberjanes, I was up to 3, sort of – Edge of Empire is only a 2 issue series.


Then when I went to get Lumberjanes #2, I spied Dead Letters 1&2 and Evil Empire 1&2 on the shelves. (I was very happy to get 1&2 together on both of these. You read along, thinking “yeah, this could be good, I like it so far” and then you hit the last page and go, “Oh, shit!” and scramble for the next issue.)

IMG_0007_2  IMG_0013_2

Looking through this week, I found The Last Broadcast.
Urban Exploration? I’m in.


So, today I went to the comic shop to pick up Last Broadcast and start my pull list. And found Starlight. (Retired superhero is back in action.) United States of Murder, Inc. (Staff pick I remembered seeing on Laughing Ogre’s blog.) And then Shutter, about the daughter of the world’s greatest explorer, on a staff recommendation seeing what I had already bought.

IMG_0012_2  IMG_1215  IMG_0008_2

So, in the space of just over two months I’ve gone from 2 comic books to a pull list of 8. I really shouldn’t be surprised that it spiraled out of control so fast – a comic book shop is just like any other bookshop – I shouldn’t be left unsupervised in them.

Other things that have accidentally leapt into my arms at the shop:

IMG_0011_2 IMG_0002_2IMG_0010_2

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