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May 11 is National 3rd-Shift Workers Day!

I’ll admit, I didn’t even know it was a thing until this morning.  (Thank you CBS Sunday Morning for alerting me to this celebratory day!) I love that we have national days for pretty much everything, and especially this one … Continue reading

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It’s Superb Owl Day!

My Tivo is already working overtime with the Kitten Bowl, Puppy Bowl, and some quarterback dance off happening later. Most importantly, it’s the day where I can eat an entire batch of cheesy ranch bacon dip without guilt.* I have a lot … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the Littering Assholes…

On my way home this evening, I drove my car down the somewhat hilly road that is the last “main” road before my neighborhood.  It’s a two lane road in a rather sleepy suburban area – but well traveled enough that it … Continue reading

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$500 Million

Yes, the Power Ball lottery has gotten ridiculously high again.  I can’t help but sit and think about how much fun it would be to have that kind of money and give it away. You could help so many people in … Continue reading

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Please: Do not be a racist, xenophobic asshole in my bar.

Before I start, if anyone would like to give me 1-3 years of living expenses so I can fully research, explore & document tavern & bar culture in the US, please click the link right below “Need To Email Me?” in the … Continue reading

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Lord help me, I read the comments…

I know, I know – never read the comments on the internet.  Our local radio news station just posted an article on Facebook about someone who used to live here and is now wanted by the FBI on terrorism charges.  … Continue reading

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It’s been that kind of a day…

If I’d read my horoscope first thing this morning, I might have just gone back to bed.  The first line was: Instinctively you’re able to deal with any situation or crisis talks.  Honestly, I didn’t want to deal with any situations … Continue reading

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