Happy Rhianna Concert Day!

And I think there may be a sporting event as well? In honor of that, I have made a batch of cheesy ranch bacon dip, because it’s the perfect excuse for it, even if I am not watching the game, LOL. And because my brother is off watching the game with his buddy – I have a big ol’ slab of salmon for dinner.

I have been an adult in this county for 30 some odd years, and somehow until yesterday, I had never needed to go to the landfill. Had quite the sticker shock* when the junk haulers came by last weekend – it definitely needed to be done, and I don’t regret it, but a quick trip over to the dump is waaaaaaaay cheaper, even when I do the “value of my time” math. I’m now a pro at it, LOL – despite looking at the website and their map, when I got there the first time yesterday, I couldn’t figure out where the hell to go and had to grab an employee for instructions. (I opened with “I promise, I did read the website!”)

But, two trips yesterday and two trips this morning and we have a ton more clear space…to fill with more trash bags, LMAO. But honestly, I am super proud of how much we’ve accomplished over the past couple weeks. So many moments of “why do I still have this?!?” but it’s all good.

I do wish my brain didn’t need a deadline to handle things like this, but it’s been the kick in the ass I needed. Granted, there is still a lot of bins and boxes and whatnot that have just been neatly stacked against a wall or whatever, but things are clearing out. Hell, even in my bedroom, I can look around and think about how I want to rearrange the furniture, which I will grudgingly admit is nice!

But when it’s done and I can relax (9 days to appraisal!) – I am still going to make a very conscious effort to visit one room, every damn day, and pick up a box or container or whatever, and leisurely go through it and figure what should go where or out the door.

And for today, I’ve got my comfy pants on, my headphones are charged, the Myths & Legends podcast is at the ready, and I’m having a quick cheese & cracker snack to fuel up a bit without giving myself a food coma.

Enjoy the game and the concert or just a quiet Sunday.

* Weird how it’s more expensive than the last time I used them in…2006.

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2 Responses to Happy Rhianna Concert Day!

  1. Ashley says:

    Omg, landfill trips are SO MUCH FUN. You’re gonna get addicted. It’s one of the rare things in life where you get to feel 100% fulfilled accomplished as you drive away. My annual pass is the best $50 I spend on myself each year.

    You can also try joining your local “Buy Nothing” Facebook group. You wouldn’t believe the stuff you can get rid of through those. There’s always someone looking for stuff…empty prescription bottles, broken electronics, Tupperware lids without matching bowls, anything. My mother recently got rid of a box of finished (finished!) crossword puzzle books, and it turns out the guy wanted them for composting.

    • A Dreamer says:

      I made multiple trips and it was awesome in such a weird way – it’s very LOOK I GOT THINGS DONE AROUND THE HOUSE!! I suspect the folks working there think I am quite the weirdo for how WOOHOO I was with every visit.

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