Love it when companies say “we can schedule a window of a few days when this item arrives” and things show up a full week before the window. I know shipping is all messed up still, and early is better than late, but honestly, just don’t offer the service for the time being.

And it’s an FML meeting Wednesday, wheeeeee.

And they’re calling for an ice storm tonight – which at least on that front, I don’t have to leave the house tomorrow. But I do need to hit the market at lunch cause we’re low on milk, hopefully it won’t be a madhouse.

CDC is apparently saying it’s time to mask up again. Good luck with that. Those of us that didn’t stop will keep on, and it won’t be enough and I doubt the rest will come back around to it. (And my company has dropped all mitigation worldwide. And folks wonder why I skipped the holiday luncheon and office happy hour.)

I am very low on Christmas cheer this year. Maybe I’m just tired and need my vacation time to get here. (2 1/2 days!)

Just gotta get to the weekend.

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2 Responses to Bah.

  1. Ashley says:

    You’re still remote, right? Or at least mostly?

    I am super tired of being the only masked person in the rooms I’m in, and I’m really mad that my governor is refusing to reinstate mask requirements in state buildings despite the healthcare community begging him to. Those of us left who still care are such weirdos now. Oh well.

    • A Dreamer says:

      Yep, totally remote, other than the very rare in person department meeting. Director wanted to bring everyone in this month, but no travel budget for folks further away. OH DARN. (I get it, he misses his people. Shockingly, he’s kinda extroverted, LOL)

      I hate that caring about not just our health, but the health and well being of our community makes us weirdos. I test before I get my hair done, and I’m masked up for that, as is my hairdresser – and yet some folks didn’t even want to *consider* testing before Thanksgiving. WTF?

      I didn’t have the greatest relationship with my grandmother, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have tried to give her the plague.

      But if we’re weirdos, we’re in good company.

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