Dear Rolling Stone

If I had a subscription, I’d be canceling it.

Last week many people were shocked and outraged at the story you ran about a gang rape at the University of Virginia.

Today you’re backing off the story because of “discrepancies.”

Why not be honest about it and admit that you were so damn hot to get the story to press that you didn’t care about doing your due diligence? You say that you wanted to respect the wishes of your source with regards to making more inquiries. That’s nice, but it’s not responsible journalism and you know it.

One sentence: “We cannot run the story until we have done all out due diligence.” If she did not agree, you don’t run the story. One sentence could have saved you AND Jackie a world of grief.

Instead, you say your “trust in [Jackie] was misplaced.

Really? You’re going to throw HER under the bus for YOUR sloppy journalism?

Now, no matter what happened to Jackie, no one is going to believe her.

Your contribution to this myth of false rape reporting doesn’t only hurt her, but every other woman who has been sexually assaulted and couldn’t find people who believed her, and every woman who will be sexually assaulted who will wonder if they should even bother reporting it if no one will believe them.

Great fucking job.

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